Sweet House

🍬This is a mansion that belongs to you, you can do mansion makeover, design room, restore home, fix house and decorate house into your favorite style! Maybe your family is not with you, but here are your assistants, butlers and maids! There will be a match story, do the home desing, enjoy decorating games! Download “Sweet House”

Dream House Days

The house of your dreams is a dream no more! Download “Dream House Days”

Mystery Neighbor – Cube House

A scary person is hiding behind your neighbor’s door. Someday you’ll be prepared enough to check all the secrets inside. This blocky monster is going to find you anyway! Angry thoughts, angry deeds, strange looking men… Be brave and learn everything about this next-door house! Check Mystery Neighbor – Cube House game and get all the answers! Download “Mystery Neighbor – Cube House”