War and Order

Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play’s Festive Updates Download “War and Order”

Mosaic Mania: Color and Shapes

Mosaic Mania – is a fun mosaic puzzle game. Put together mosaic pictures made of several block pieces with various shapes. Change colors of blocks to create a wonderful picture! Download “Mosaic Mania: Color and Shapes”

15# Tips and tricks for Slime Rancher

Welcome to the best tips app for a game universe populated by fun alien slime! We have collected in one place all the most interesting and relevant facts, tips, tricks and guides for Slime Rancher, with us you will learn a lot of new and exciting things about your favorite game and the characters of its inhabitants. Each section of this text guide is divided into topics that correspond to specific game mechanics, tips on passing, history and description of slimes, etc. All that is required of you is to sit comfortably in a chair and select the section you are interested in to study. The text in this collection of tips for Slime Rancher combined with amazing images from the game for an even more simple perception of information about your favorite universe. Download “15# Tips and tricks for Slime Rancher”