Yum Yummy Superlicious

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Yum Yummy Superlicious – Free

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Hungry? Chomp your way across the galaxy with Yum Yummy Superlicious!

Help the Yums eat all they can in this space-hopping adventure from Tendril Studio! Blast your way from meal to meal, avoiding space junk, hungry monsters, and the “mess” you leave behind!

-Simple one button controls. A treat for all ages!

-Fast-paced delicious gameplay. Launch, spin and repeat!

-Craving Mode! Satisfy your Yum’s yearnings and get big bonus points!

-Unique and wonderful Yums to collect. Choose your favourites!

-Sweet and spicy powerups to discover. Will you enter the unicorn dimension?

-Global leaderboards. Can you be the hungriest in the galaxy?

So come massively exceed your daily recommended intake of fun today with Yum Yummy Superlicious!

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