Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Family 2019

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Meet the richest family of Dubai have fun and enjoy the family adventure with Dubai cars like in all arab games. Meet the virtual dad Abdul Aziz the virtual Princess wife Rabia and the Virtual son Amjad. This family is the most richest and billionaire family of Dubai many adventure things you will experience in this game like drift girls, crazy drifting, and the ride dual car on Dubai cars the pet lion animal the expensive shopping and the luxury lifestyle of the Dubai richest family. Be a part of this virtual happy family game and be like this super family man like all billionaire games.

The Super dad who is billionaire he worked hard for his poor family life to luxury life he was a poor and caring husband he migrated from America to Dubai for job and wants to give his super family a good future meet the super american dad and his present life style . Many things you will experience in this game like house party with the virtual super hot mom the family vacations with the real husbands and the rich virtual boy and his friends and his pet lion the amazing drifting cars and helicopters you will ride and enjoy the dubai roads racing.

Play and think about yourself that you are giving the time to your family. you ever spend your summer vacations with billionaire families which is your kids dream. Play and enjoy this game and share your thoughts with us. Available on Google play Download and Enjoy.

Virtual Happy Family: Billionaire Family 2018 Life Simulator Features

• Fun Game with a pet lion
• Smooth gameplay like house party games
• Entertaining sound to play dad simulator fun games
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