Truth or Dare ❓❗️

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📲 In “Truth or Dare ❓❗️” you can:
– Add as many friends as you want! 😱😉
– Play with your friends in “Friendly mode” 🤗 🤩
– Play with your partner or “friends” in “Sexy mode” 😏😈
– Have unlimited fun! (+1000 questions and dares) 😂🤣

🕑 Coming soon:
– More languages 🌐
– More Truths ❓
– More Dares ❗️

We usually play when we are with friends, relatives or couple

So the application of truth or challenge will help you play anywhere without any base or bottle requirement, so enjoy the truth or challenge

It contains thousands of fun and challenging Truth and Dares ranging from clean to dirty.


✔ Unlimited number of players
✔ Thousand of questions about Truth or Dare
✔ Establish the names of the players: perfect for large groups and parties.
✔ Updated frequently with more content
✔ Completely free to play
✔ A minimum of 2 players is required
✔ Send us your own personalised questions of truth or challenge.
✔ Truth and challenge offline application to play
✔ Couple games
✔ FUN! And entertaining
✔ 2different game modes: friendly and hot and sexy for adults (18+)


2 different game modes:

truth and challenge application for children and teenagers

truth application and challenge for adults

This is the perfect application Truth or Challenge for teenagers and adults. If you like to play Spin The Bottle, you will love this game. Enjoy the truth and dare as a party game, a family game or just like any other casual game.


Spin the bottle or the truth and dare app covers the following.

Turn the bottle

turn the bottle for children

turn the bottle and the truth or dare

spin the bottle true or challenge

spin the bottle and the game of truth or daring

spin the bottle online

rotate the application of the bottle

Turn the bottle

roulette game

truth and audacity

truth and daring application

truth and challenge application for adults or adolescents or children

true application and challenge for children

application of truth and daring for teenagers

application of truth and daring for girls

application of truth or daring for couples

truth and daring for free

family games

couple games

Party games

games for girls

truth or audacity – party game

Truth or Dare? – the party game

truth or challenge – fun games for teens and adults

True or daring party games for adults

truth or challenge – spin bottle to play the game

truth or audacity – party

Truth or Dare? – teen edition

Truth or Dare? party game at home

truth or challenge: free

Grab your friends and have the application Truth or Challenge.

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