The Felon 3D

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A huge city filled with life – people, cars, shops, gas stations and much more. This is your city – the city that we are building together!
The Felon – you returned to your hometown and found that it was captured by the mafia. Everything in this city belongs to the mafia.
Can you protect the city from the mafia?
We’ll have to start from the very beginning – for a start, you need to get a job. When you earn money, buy weapons and go on the warpath. Become a felon and conquer the whole business of the city!

* A huge city (soon a few more cities)
* Gas ​​stations
* Weapon shops, bars, clubs, casinos (soon more interaction)
* You can work (taxi is available and there will be more soon)
* Ability to take over the business
* Three types of weapons – a revolver, a shotgun, a Thompson machine gun (soon more).
* A variety of cars, the possibility of buying and repainting
* Shooting without auto help, only hardcore
And much more!
The main feature of this game is the development taking into account the wishes of the players! We are at the beginning and how are we going to continue will depend only on you!
Leave your wishes. What kind of job do you want? What weapon? What cars to add? All in your hands!
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