Shuyan Saga: Comic Vol. 1

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Dive into the world of Shuyan Saga™ and follow the warrior princess Shuyan as she tries to save her kingdom from the invading Guer horde. This is an interactive comic based on the Shuyan Saga video game.

In fact, players of the Shuyan Saga™ were helping create this comic series as they played! The developers of the game tracked the choices made by players of the game and used those choices to create the storyline for this linear comic. They then expanded the story and added new original artwork. If you’ve played the game, you can now experience the comic and find out if you were the only one who chose to save your best friend instead of your mother, or if other players did too.

For those who are new to Shuyan Saga™, find out why the game has been so highly rated across iOS and PC by experiencing the amazing story and stunning artwork of the Shuyan Saga™ Comic Vol. 1!


“I feel I may be a better man after completing this adventure :D” — alexgsmith800, Steam User

“loving it, awesome illustrations and interesting story” — AheanArth, Steam User

“As a martial artist, I really appreciated the attention to detail!” — dollyrama, iOS User

“The characters are warm-hearted. You will love them the first time you see them.” –ghostlydash_GD, iOS User


– Expanded story from the Shuyan Saga™ game
– Storyline based on the actual choices made by players of the Shuyan Saga™ game on Steam
– Volume contains 135 hand-drawn pages by Chinese comic book master Daxiong (illustrator for Star Wars and DC’s Justice League comics)
– Original Orchestral Music Score by award winning composer Aaron Tsang
– Story built on true Kung Fu wisdom and secrets
– Rich fantasy world based on ancient Chinese culture
– Animation and sound effects bring the first six issues of the epic struggle to life (corresponds to episode 1 of the Shuyan Saga™ game)Download Shuyan Saga: Comic Vol. 1 for free
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