Real Battle Simulator 2 Online

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Real Battle Simulator 2 Online is a sequel to the famous game from the creators of Real Battle Simulator – the most accurate and fun battle simulator ever! Join to the great battle simulator and win the war! New unique units such as gods and fantasy characters like golems, orcs, witches, robots, dwarfs and much more, new locations and completely new mechanics! Hire your army and smash your opponent in the total war!

In Real Battle Simulator 2 Online you can go through completely new solo campaign and unlock new epic units! New AI system and new units ragdoll physics will make it together into one awesome adventure on different territories and continents!

What’s new about RBS 2 Online is online mode where you can compete with other players worldwide! Hire an army and dive into massive multiplayer online battle with all the fury and strength of your units! Multiplayer mode is much more fun and hilarious when played with all the epic and god units unlocked, so better finish solo campaign first! Good luck!
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