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Puzzlebrain – Free

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Puzzlebrain is a fun game box. It is a collection of puzzle games. It is also a fantastic game app which offers you more options.
–Color Connect –
Use lines to connect the same color dots on the backboard. Two points: Make sure that all the lines are not crossed. Fill all the space on the backboard.
–One Line–
A good brain training game, players need to connect all points with a line, remember not to repeat the same trajectory. Choose it to enhance your wisdom.
— Word Search–
The most interesting word game where you can slide up, down, left, right or diagonal to mark the words. Try to test your vocabulary now.
There are several fixed graphics blocks in this game, and your task is to stitch them together and form a new graph. Sounds simple, really?!
Run your brain quickly. Your goal is to remove all obstacle blocks and move the yellow block to the exit. This requires your wisdom to resolve.
–One Fill–
It’s simple and it’s just one line to fill in all the blocks. A simple but addictive single-line puzzle game. Choose it to enhance your wisdom.

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