My Rights and Duties

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The game My Rights and Duties developed by Dubai Police is one of the games that represents importance of educating future youth in the best way and aim to raise children’s awareness of personal rights and duties towards their family and society. Play this game to raise your level of awareness and responsibilities towards the community. Learn about your rights in a fun and simple way. The game contains four types of interesting games and three worlds with more than 100 fun stages.

Download the game now! Monitor your level of rapid development as an active member of the community and a contributor to the society.

# Complete an Image – Slide puzzled images to form a correct one.

# Match Color – Choose the correct color for the selected place from the three colors that appear to you.

# Color an Image – Choose the image that reflects you and color it properly.

# Memory Match – Select the image and link it with the appropriate text.

# Over 100 fun stages.

# Child Rights

# We know our rights

# Child etiquetteDownload My Rights and Duties for free
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