Happy Blike 2

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Happy Bike wheels game 2 is a deadly ragdoll physics racing game.
Race your bike through dangerous challenging paths on a deadly obstacles courses to reach the finish line safely on a rag-doll extreme sports happy wheels game with several player characters as a wheelchair man , apogo stick hopper, a father-son bike riding and more.
Feel the real physics based Happy Bike wheels Game 2 ragdoll action game with your hand on your phone where you use your skill to manoeuvre trough every bloody level.
Experience the real physics based racing game on your phone, happy rider wheels offers an exhilarating mix of amazing tracks, a little of fortune and deadly challenges.
Feel the dash speed as you negotiate your way through the deadly survival courses of Happy Bike : Wheels Game. Perform death defying wild stunts, witness bone cracking impacts and lose a limb or few, and take it to the extreme!
Choose your favourite Happy Bike : Wheels Game vehicle and take control of your Happy Bike wheels game 2 character to overcome deadly challenges.
Happy wheels is about to drive safe and to go far across each level finding a way to exit alive, but remember, don’t let obsctales terminate your goals witout finishing all the maps
Ride happy, master your wheels and do your best to survive in this glory game of happy wheeling bloody game. The essence of the game is extremely simple: you have to get to one of the vehicles to the finish.
And the problem is that not every part of your body will get along with you. Let’s play !!!
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Free download Happy Blike 2 : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zb.bk5