Gun Masters – Shooting Game Without Wifi

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A game in which an accurate shot solves everything! Do not miss, otherwise the enemy will fire back at you. Compete with other players, defeat bosses and unlock new weapons! Shooting Game Without Wifi.

*** BOSS ***
Slay all the enemies on your way to get to the boss. The boss, unlike his subordinates, has a decent stock of health and can reflect more than a dozen shots.

*** SCORE ***
Earn money and buy new weapons in the players shop. Decide for yourself: open rare or epic weapons. All weapons are opened sequentially, so in order to get a more powerful machine gun, you will have to open the weapon preceding it.

*** FREE GIFTS ***
Come into the game more often and play longer to get free gifts in the form of coins. Open the coveted guns before your friends do!

Compete with other players for the title of the best shooter. Try to make as many well-aimed shots as possible! Do not forget that the damage from weapons directly affects getting points, so a more powerful gun is able to get more points.Download Gun Masters – Shooting Game Without Wifi for free
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