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Inspired by art-style and atmosphere of the Darkest Dungeon and books of Howard Lovecraft comes this first adventure in the Evilibrium Universe. The game invites you to the alternate reality at the end of the 19th century full of mystics, adventure, horrific creatures, dark rituals and secret cults. We bring the players to the world where souls are real and material enough to be extracted and used as a source of energy. Souls have become a hard-to-get but expensive merchandise that many desire.

Strange hostile creatures from parallel worlds lurk in murky forests and deep dungeons. You shall play for a member of the Brotherhood of Hunters, adventurous people who hunt those monsters and catch their souls. You shall explore the dungeons of a large world, capture hundreds of souls, use them to create an army of your own, upgrade and evolve it, fight quick furious battles, discover the mysteries of the Universe and try to stay alive.
The World of Evilibrium is an alternative version of our reality, it is cruel and there are few you can trust. The plot of the game is twisted and told through numerous quests where your actions matter.

– Dynamic fights. Win and capture souls.
– Dozens of locations. Find all hidden treasures.
– Various unit classes. Plan tactics before fights!
– Exciting quests. Discover all mysteries.
– Evolve your army. Several evolution stages including hidden ones.
– Dozens of unit skills. Use them wisely and timely to win.
– Play offline! No internet connection required.

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