Cybercat: Space Runner

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Dive into the Exciting World of Cyberpunk with CyberCat!
Have you ever been kidnapped by aliens? No? As for the pet cat Charlie, he was kidnapped right from the porch of his own house! Now, they are running experiments on him at an alien space station. The cat’s body is being modified, and he is turning into a CYBORG! The whole time Charlie remains at the station, all that he can think about is getting back home! And then one day Charlie decides to escape…

Download the game for FREE and HELP Charlie to win this crazy cyber battle!
MOVE him as far away as possible!
COLLECT coins and crystals and LEVEL UP Charlie as much as possible!


– TIME TO PLAY! Go to an exciting intergalactic universe with elements of cyberpunk!
– WATCH OUT for the endless army of drones, robotic dogs, and other alien obstacles!
– COLLECT bonuses and LEVEL UP the cat!
MOVE as far away as possible and SET your own record!

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Download Cybercat: Space Runner for free
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