Cute Invasion

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Run around the city, crush into other players and recruit them into your crowd. The larger your army, the sooner you capture the city!
Aliens landed in the city and plan to conquer the world! In order not to arouse suspicion, they changed appearance: aliens look like sweet pets: cats or dogs. Control a crowd of alien pets and get as many opponents as you can into the gang.
Running a crowd is fun and easy! The dynamic pace of the game don’t let get bored. Lead the pets and cats to victory! See a gang of other players? Don’t be afraid to meet crowd to crowd. Capture rivals and make them members of your squad! Your pets have unique skills that will help you gain an advantage in the game. Cats can accelerate, and dogs can even run through buildings! Use these skills to win.

Crowd control is a task for the true leader of the army. Especially when your gang becomes the biggest. Do not separate from your squad, otherwise you will lose all those recruited!
A huge crowd of monsters – aliens under the mask of cats and pets will conquer the entire city!
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