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Free Download Breed Animal Farm – Free Farming Game Online | Trailer 12Apr2018

Breed Animal Farm – Free Farming Game Online | Trailer 12Apr2018 Download

Get ready to explore a magical farm valley in the sky filled with cute animals and rich farmland!

From VNG – the creators of Sky Garden – comes Breed Animal Farm (3D Pet Farm): the free farming game that combines city building with farming. “How do I grow my farm” you ask? Install this incredible free farm game and watch your farm story unfold!

Play in OFFLINE mode
Now you can play Breed Animal Farm game OFFLINE free! Build your farm anywhere, anytime! That’s right! Even without an active internet connection, you can still play this amazing farming game offline!

Breed Animal Farm is a magical free farming game online where you can build your farm town, raise animals, play farm games and go on mythical quests. You can be a farmer and a city builder when you play Breed Animal Farm- one of the best farming games out there!

Own hybrid animals and help them evolve

This once peaceful farm village in the sky, has been broken into many floating sky shards after being attacked by wicked giants. Join Jack, the fearless farmer on his farm land adventure, and collect animals to discover these scattered fragments. Each sky shard is like a little farm- unlock them and create a big farm in this farm management game!

Want to own 100+ rare animals? Feed animals to earn gold which you can then use to breed new quirky animals! Enjoy endless hours of animal breeding games and animal crossing fun when you play this exciting farming game online! Breed hundreds of animals into hilarious combinations in this enchanting farm game. Send a chicken and a cow to mate in the Misty Forest- what will their offspring look like? Install this amazing animal game and find out!

Build a farm and decorate it

Customize and decorate your village and farm to restore the farm island paradise to its former glory. Build a farm city and add new cages to adopt a pet. Use your gold and gems to plant crops, decorate your city farm and expand your harvest land in a farm frenzy.

Experience the joys of farm life

• Plant and harvest crops all year round on your green farm
• Feed animals to level up and unlock new family farm features
• Trade with farmers near your farm house

This free farm game has even more amazing features

• Jump from one farm island to the next and discover the hidden treasures and farm games that await you there
• Sail the airship and return to your village farm with new goods
• Go to your barn to unlock chests filled with rewards
• Unlock Sky Cavern to increase your chances of breeding cool new species
• Upgrade animal cages to keep more animals on your happy farm
• Use vouchers to purchase prized animals
• Complete daily quests to get bonus rewards

So, what are you waiting for? Install Breed Animal Farm and farm away!

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Breed Animal Farm – Free Farming Game Online | Trailer 12Apr2018 on Android Free Download