Brazil Craft: Blocky City Building Addicting Games

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Welcome to Rio de Janeiro! City of carnival, crazy parties and addicting games like football. Enjoy the newest crafting & building mode and choose top fun games for free! Play Brazil Craft!

Welcome to the Party City!
Beach party on Copacabana or yachting? Why not both? Sail a boat, ride a supercar or explore the ocean! Date a girl or boy, chat with bots or party on the yacht! City like Rio de Janeiro never sleep so party all night long on the famous Copacabana or Maracana! Don’t wait any longer and play top fun games for free!

Play top fun games on Maracana
If exploration sounds boring, treat yourself with one of our fun minigames! Play one of funny music games, sing like a rockstar or make dance floor hot! Line to date you will be miles long! Enjoy fun games for girls and boys! Play Brazil Craft for free and fist fight with wrestlers to be king of the city!

Fall in love with Country of coffee
Brazil is a country of football and coffee. Exploration is a key part of Brazil Craft, so go out and fly helicopter to the party or your luxury yacht! As you get there, what’s better than chatting and dating! Games like this will also let you dress up like a footballer or great businessman! Party games on Copacabana? Why not! Play top fun games for free!

Explorer & city builder!
Play Brazil Craft for free – exploration games, dating games and city building games in one! Carnival never ends in Rio so dance samba with friends and design awesome buildings! Build a house, build a city of your dreams and enjoy advanced crafting & building mode! Play the most addicting games, play Brazil Craft – for free!

Brazil Craft FEATURES:
🇧🇷 Crafting & Building mode. Fun of crafting and… building things.
🇧🇷 Fly your own helicopter, ride a car or throw a party on the yacht!
🇧🇷 Party in Brazil! Chat and date with boys and girls. Find a boyfriend or girlfriend or… love of your life!
🇧🇷 Top fun games for free. Play addicting games in Brazil!

This is one of the most exciting crafting & building games for girls and boys of 2019!

Enjoy one of the most addicting games of 2019! Play Brazil Craft for free and build a whole new world!
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